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Any slash pairing with members from a band can be posted here!

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This community is open to everyone.
This community is a place for writers of bandom slash fan fiction to post their stories. It does not matter what pairing a story is as long as at least one main character is in a band. All submissions will be approved as long as they follow the few rules mentioned below.

Community Rules:

1. Please place your story under a cut so that it takes up less room on the page. This makes navigation easier for everyone. A link to a journal post with your story is also acceptable!

2. Make sure that you include basic descriptive information about your fic before the cut so that viewers can decide if they'd like to read it. This information should include a rating, a disclaimer, and a pairing.(Look at the example format at the bottom of this list if you need help.)

3. Please attempt to make sure that your stories are at least somewhat grammatically correct before submitting. Having a beta read over your work is highly encouraged but not required. I will not refuse to post a submission with a few mistakes;however,if the mistakes are bad enough that it makes reading difficult, I will not post the story.

4. Be kind to other members! You may offer constructive criticism but you may not post mean comments. If a member is unkind to you, you may report it to the mod.

5. Consider using tags to help people find your story in the future.

Sample Posting Format:

Rating: (Can be anything from G up to R or NC-17)

(The story goes here, behind a cut)
30 seconds to mars, 3oh!3, a7x, adelitas way, afi, alex gaskarth, alkaline trio, all time low, anarbor, anberlin, andley, arin ilejay, asking alexandria, avenged sevenfold, band boys, bandom, bayside, bert mccracken, big time rush, black veil brides, blessthefall, blink 182, bob bryar, boys like girls, brand new, bratt, bright eyes, bring me the horizon, bullet for my valentine, burn halo, bvb, chelsea grin, cobra starship, cowriting, cronnie, danger radio, eighteen visions, escape the fate, every avenue., fall out boy, falling in reverse, fan fiction, farewell my love, fob, forever the sickest kids, frank iero, frerard, frikey, gabe saporta, gabilliam, gerard way, gerbert, good charlotte, green day, gym class heroes, hawthorne heights, hollywood undead, homosexuality, hot chelle rae, imagine dragons, jack barakat, jack's mannequin, jalex, jeffree star, jeph howard, jimmy eat world, jimmy sullivan, joncer, kellic, kellin quinn, linkin park, mannie, mayday parade, mcr, mibba, mikey way, miw, motion city soundtrack, motionless in white, muse, music, my chemical romance, new found glory, nfg, nine inch nails, of mice and men, ohsleeper, one direction, p!atd, panic at the disco, papa roach, patrick stump, pete wentz, peterick, pierce the veil, quinn alman, ray toro, rian dawson, rise against, roleplaying, ryden, saosin, seether, senses fail, set your goals, silverstein, simple plan, sixx am, slash, sleeping with sirens, slipknot, snow patrol, something corporate, stories, sum 41, synacky, synyster gates, taking back sunday, tbs, the academy is..., the black keys, the cab, the fray, the killers, the maine, the rasmus, the relapse symphony, the rev, the rocket summer, the summer set, the used, the wonder years, the word alive, three days grace, thrice, thursday, tokio hotel, travis mccoy, treckett, vic fuentes, warped tour, weezer, william beckett, writing, yaoi, yellowcard, you me at six, zack merrick, zacky vengeance

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